Explosive and Narcotics Detection

For Businesses, Schools, Functions & Events

Our K-9 Detection Teams Provide
  • Discreet, Low Profile Service
  • Qualified, Experienced Dogs & Handlers
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Multiple Teams Available
  • Efficient & Flexible Service
  • Complete Confidentiality

Discreet and  Experienced

Merrills K-9’s are non-threatening, low  profile, and socialized for any work environment. Our K-9’s can perform comprehensive searches to ensure the safety of your employees or loved ones without hindering daily activities.

Flexible and Efficient

When you only require a specific area to be swept, Merrills can provide on-the-spot coverage, saving you the expense of an entire shift. We have rapid deployment and multiple teams available to meet your needs.

Comprehensive and Reliable

Vehicle checks, luggage detailing, packages, lockers, area searches, building perimeters and all modes of transportation are part of our day-in, day-out training to maintain our efficiency and reliability.

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